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Covid 19 : The Facts

Covid-19 has been the cause of global fear, death, and sickness. 


The government has been providing guidance and rules to prevent the spread as best as possible, although we have never been faced with such circumstances. 

New Day Painting has been consistent, since day 1 of the pandemic, in following all rules and guidelines set forth for the protection of our customers and ourselves.

It is up to each of us to make a choice to value others safety as much as our own.

Covid 19 : What Can You Do?

Use your voice: Don’t be afraid to remind a member of our staff to put on their mask. We value your safety, and you will never be condemned or harassed for speaking up for your safety. If any negative behavior does occur, call us at 503-883-9348 and leave a message letting us know about the incident, and we guarantee the situation will be corrected.

Designate Restroom Facilities: We would like to coordinate with you if you are remaining in your home/business while we complete your project. If at all possible, designating specific facilities for our crew to use, and that we will clean each day, multiple times a day. 

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