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                 Exterior Painting - WHY?:
You can make sure your home stays safe from weather damage, insects, and dust by choosing quality exterior paint. It can even prevent wood from rotting.

Interior Painting - WHY?                      
Paint prevents bacteria from multiplying or being ingested on interior walls. You may also find that paint repels dust, dirt, and allergens from your walls. 

In memory of sky

Co-owner Sky F., who was a huge part of all the success here at New Day Painting, has recently passed away. He was instrumental in obtaining our CCB license, assisted heavily with crucial functions of the office, and was a true knight of the round table when it came to navigating New Day Painting through thick and thin.

He was intelligent and always kept things above board in his business life, and was caring and with sharp witted humor in his personal life. For this, and so much more, he is and will be missed severely. 

Thank you for everything you taught us. You will not be forgotten. 

"In times of doubt, just look up. If you wonder where I have gone,

directions can be found in my Name"


With 25+ yrs. of experience in painting, you can bet we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction! All jobs are performed with precision, honesty, and professionalism. 

We will work with any budget and will use eco friendly products upon request.

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