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Residential  & Small Commercial Structures

New Day Painting is made up of skilled individuals who take each and every job seriously, who understand our process vs. the competitors, and who go the extra mile to achieve a superior end result. 

We guarantee our work to the extent of the guarantee frrom the product maker. If a product fails to meet its guarantee we will facilitate the process for replacement with the supplier/manufacturer.

 Exterior  Painting 

                 Exterior Painting - WHY?:
You can make sure your home stays safe from weather damage, insects, and dust by choosing quality exterior paint. It can even prevent wood from rotting.

Interior Painting - WHY?                      
Paint prevents bacteria from multiplying or being ingested on interior walls. You may also find that paint repels dust, dirt, and allergens from your walls. 

 Interior  Painting 

We specialize in

Interior and exterior painting, wood working stain and repair, concrete sealing, and pressure washing. 

We can also perform minor repairs and other general contractor services. Any work we cant perform, we will gladly refer you to another skilled professional who can help bring your ideas to reality. 

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Fjelland Floors


carries a wide variety of flooring, countertop, and tile materials

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