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Residential and Small Commercial Buildings

- Our Specialities Include -

• Interior & Exterior Painting

• Wood Staining

• Pressure Washing • Concrete Sealing


                 Exterior Painting - WHY?:
You can make sure your home stays safe from weather damage, insects, and dust by choosing quality exterior paint. It can even prevent wood from rotting.

Interior Painting - WHY?                      
Paint prevents bacteria from multiplying or being ingested on interior walls. You may also find that paint repels dust, dirt, and allergens from your walls. 

We will identify if any repairs are needed to complete your project before we ever start the job. We can usually handle the repair, whether it be drywall, wood trim, cabinets, doors or the siding to your home or business.


If you choose to go your own route with the repair, you can trust we are still motivated to provide High Quality service and astonishing results. 

New Day Painting is made up of skilled individuals who take each and every job seriously, who understand our process vs. the competitors, and who go the extra mile to achieve a superior end result. 



We ensure that our work is of the highest quality and work hard to exceed our customers expectations.

We listen to our customers making sure to understand all their needs and wants before ever starting a job.


Our employees will show up on time to the job site ready to start working hard on each and every job they are assigned to.

You can count on us to be their for you to answer any questions you may have.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will not leave any job incomplete and no job is finished until our customer confirms they are satisfied.

We guarantee our work* and strive for 100% satisfaction with every job.

We guarantee our work to the extent of the products used guarantee. If a product fails to meet its guarantee we will facilitate the process for replacement with the supplier/manufacturer.

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